Fellowship Home Stats

We are the only state-licensed recovery home for men in Forsyth County.

We served 36 residents in the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

Nearly all of those residents arrived homeless and unemployed, and most had a dual diagnosis.

61% of those residents were successful; that is, remained substance-free while in the Home, found permanent employment, developed a 12-step recovery network, and were able to move into an independent living arrangement upon leaving the Home.

88% of those residents who stayed more than three months were successful.

Recent studies show there is an 80-90% relapse rate for men treated for opioid disorders without a relapse prevention program and continuing care.

Our alumni success stories show several clients now own their own business, and many go on to purchase their first home. We also have many former residents who “give back” by becoming peer counselors, licensed substance abuse counselors, and leaders in the recovery community.