Some current needs at the volunteer level are:


The Fellowship Home needs a volunteer to assist the Home with marketing and social media presence.
Board Development
The Fellowship Home Board of Directors seeks individuals from the following areas: Health Care: Mental Health Practitioners and Physicians; Employment: ESC and DSS; Law Enforcement; Banking and Finance; Marketing/Public Relations; and Resource Development.

Pro-Bono Services
Many of our residents come to us with pre-existing situations.  In an attempt to address as many of the barriers that confront the men and women that we serve we need the help of professionals who work in a variety of fields. We are often in need of financial advice, legal counsel or medical or dental attention. All of our programs promote personal responsibility, accountability and self-sufficiency. We encourage our clients to address those issues that might impede their progress, but we do not always know the best place for them to start. That is where the insight of our professional volunteers is so crucial.

Substance Abuse Professionals
Health and Human Resource Development
Our residents need jobs! Employment continues to be a challenge for participants in our programs. While some are unemployed others may be under-employed, meaning that they have a job that does not meet their living expenses. Volunteers are needed to help individuals entering or re-entering the job market. Individuals with a background in human resource management, resume preparation and interview techniques would be a welcome addition to our volunteer base.

While our staff does an admirable job at linking our clients with the appropriate community resources transportation is often an issue, especially if the destination is not on the bus line.  Job interviews, medical appointments and the need to access other community services place transportation volunteers high on the list.

Our volunteer opportunities continue to grow. We rely on the community to help us remain efficient and effective as we continue to serve our stakeholders. In addition to our Comprehensive Relapse Prevention Program, The Fellowship Home continues to provide crisis intervention referrals for anyone suffering from substance abuse including alcoholism.